Natural Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a term usually associated when it comes to losing weight.

Metabolism is the process by which your body transforms everything you eat into essential energy needed to fuel everything that your body needs to do like moving, breathing, and thinking.

Metabolism sounds puzzling and very complex, however, metabolism is actually pretty simple.

It’s the amount of calories your body needs daily to work properly and approximately 65% percent of those calories are used for basic functions, such as breathing and the circulation of your blood. It involves a series of biochemical reactions that burn the calories in food to release the energy your body needs to power important bodily processes.

Additionally, 25% percent of the energy is used to power your physical activities such as, working out, running, walking, and even climbing.

Lastly, the remaining 10% percent of your energy help you digest everything that you consume.

The weight gain begins when you consume more calories than your body normally needs to function properly, so weight loss generally occurs when the body burns calories at a faster rate than it takes them in.

You must thank your parents for the speed of your metabolism since your genes contribute in determining your metabolic rate.

Fortunately, your metabolism can indeed be increased with a variety of natural steps. Here’s how can boost your metabolism naturally to lose weight.

dreamstime_s_7252157Exercise burns calories and it’s considered the best way to boost up your metabolism naturally. Physical activities like walking, running, swimming and biking increases the energy your body requires, which in turn increases your metabolism as well as will help you burn fat.

You can also do intense cardio for 40 minutes and resistance exercises at least 3 times a week. If you add intense exercise routines, your body will rapidly restore its muscle tissues that speed up your metabolism. Moreover, exercise in the evening accelerates your metabolism and makes your body burn calories even during sleep. Keep in mind that the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn all day. That’s because muscle uses energy even when you’re resting, therefore increasing muscle tone, through exercise such as weight-lifting, will dramatically increase your metabolism.

Food does some amazing things for our bodies, including fight disease, so it’s not a surprise that some foods naturally boost your metabolism.

Caffeine speeds up your heart and the faster your heart beats the faster your metabolism. So drink your coffee and green tea (it has Epigallo Catechin Gallate that isĀ  believed to be the main ingredient that helps boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss)regularly. Also, researches shown that people who drink caffeine before you exercise tend to burn more fat and some studies found that people who consume two to three cups daily for three months cut almost 7% percent off their body weight.

More fat is burned and more weight is lost when you eat more protein. Protein contains Glucagon that signals fat cells to release fat into the blood for energy conversion. So you must consume dietary protein such as cheese, lean meats, fish, chicken, egg whites as well as protein powder since Protein is the ingredient in these foods that boost up your metabolic rate by lifting the speed of your body your thermogenesis ( the creation of heat in the body and the resultant burning of calories).

Furthermore, protein builds muscle, and tells your brain to stop eating, and increases your metabolism since your body is working harder to digest it.

Keep in mind that your metabolic rate is not fixed.

Fortunately, there is a certain part of your metabolism that is flexible and when given the proper foods, hydration, exercise and supplements like Phentermine 30mg can help you lose weight rapidly.

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