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Fentermina or phentermine hydrochloride is the only active substance present in these capsules. According to the physicians the hydrochloride present is white, colorless and has no odor, it is hygroscopic in nature and is usually crystalline powder which is readily soluble in water, and this is also note worthy that it is slightly soluble in chloroform and almost insoluble in either of them.  This is a short term weight loss prescription for people with obesity issues. This medication dosage is determined by the physician attending to the patient and the has full knowledge of any other medical conditions which the patient might be having. Knowing the medical history of the individual will help in correct dosage and diet suggest and exercises yielding desired results for the patient as well as for the doctor.

One must be fully aware that the Hydrochloride present in Fentermina stimulates the central nervous system and is found to be effective for s short period of time. One must be aware that this is not a permanent solution either, although the weight loosing pills will help in regularizing a diet plan and exercise routine for the patient and this natural process will benefit him in the long run and help in curing obesity, sometimes partially and sometimes permanently.

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